Selected 3D Repositories AZ

3D Hop (3D Heritage Online Presenter) is an opensource framework for the creation of interactive Web presentations of highresolution 3D models, oriented to the Cultural Heritage field.
Archaeological Data Services (ADS)The ADS is the leading accredited digital repository for heritage data generated by UKbased fieldwork and research. Founded in 1996, the core activity of the ADS is the longterm digital preservation of the data entrusted to our care.
Morphosource is a projectbased data archive that allows researchers to store and organize, share, and distribute their own 3D data.
NIH 3D Print Exchange The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides models in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers, and offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3Dprintable models related to biomedical science.
NASA 3D Resources Site provides access to a growing collection of 3D models, textures, and images from inside NASA. All of these resources are free to download and use.
ShapeNet is a richlyannotated, largescale repository of shapes represented by 3D CAD models of objects. ShapeNet contains 3D models from a multitude of semantic categories and organizes them under the WordNet taxonomy.
Stanford 3D Model Repository makes some range data and detailed reconstructions from Stanfordavailable to the public.
Sketchfab is a platform to publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3D, VR and AR content.
Smithsonian (SI) 3D is creating an application program interface (API) that allows external platforms to connect to the Smithsoniancontent and seamlessly.
tDAR (The Digital Archaeological Record) is an international digital repository for the digital records of archaeological investigations.
Thingiverse is a website dedicated to the sharing of usercreated digital design files.
UMORF (The University of Michigan Online Repository of Fossils) is a project of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology to increase the accessibility of fossil specimens through online 3D and 2D representations