The Access group addresses issues far beyond permissions and availability of content. To identify, locate, retrieve, and reuse 3D materials requires consideration of a multiplicity of content types, as well as community and financial investment to resolve challenges related to usability, interoperability, sustainability, and equity. The group explores different modes of 3D data, reviews the platforms that provide access to this data, articulate audiences for 3D, discussion challenges outstanding to the field, and provide recommendations for next steps.  

Active members

Francesca Albrezzi works as a Digital Research Consultant at UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education and teaches for the Digital Humanities program.

John Bonnett is an Associate Professor of History and a former Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities at Brock University.

Tassie Gniady manages a Cyberinfrastructure group that supports Digital Humanities and Creative Activities at Indiana University.

Heather Richards-Rissetto is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Faculty Fellow at the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Lisa M. Snyder is UCLA’s Office of Information Technologies’ (OIT) Director of Campus Research Initiatives, Acting Director of the Research Technology Group (RTG), and Manager of GIS, Visualization, and Modeling Group within the RTG.