CS3DP – 3D Preservation Town hall

Following the initiation of this group, an IMLS grant, two forum events, several years of work, and a newly published volume, we are now acting on our own recommendations to move 3D data preservation forward. We would like to assemble the community to discuss related work and the next steps this group can take in advancing long-term access and preservation of 3D data.

To continue our commitment to working as a community, we invite you to participate in an open, virtual town hall to discuss the current landscape, related projects already in progress, approaches to standards implementation, and other future work.

We will have a 90-minute Zoom meeting on August 31, 2022 at 9:00 Pacific \ 11:00 Central \ 12:00 Eastern 16:00 UTC. This meeting is listed on the CS3DP Google Calendar. To access the google calendar you must join the CS3DP group.

If you have yet to participate, please know that this is open to you, too. All are welcome.