This work is driven by our community of practitioners. We are a mix of data professionals, museum curators, students, creators, tech developers and cultural heritage stewards have come together to in the CS3DP.

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The CS3DP Community was developed to ensure the progressive development of 3D standards and preservation best practices. In order to continue producing quality best practices recommendations and developing automated workflows for 3D preservation practices, we welcome your support.

Current Community Members

Dominic Albanese — Dartmouth College
Francesca Albrezzi — University of California Los Angeles
Kari Allen — Washington University
Anne AustinMichigan State University
Ann Baird Whiteside — Harvard University
Sarah Barness — Minnesota Historical Society
Steve Baskau — Vanderbilt University
Barrinton Baynes — Georgetown University
Krista BensonCognition
Sage Biel — University of Texas-Austin
Jon Blundell — Smithsonian
Susan Borda — University of Michigan
Doug Boyer — Morphosource
T Bray — University of Michigan
M Burgess — Harvard University
Jon Caris — Smith University
Jake Carlson — University of Michigan
Miguel Carrero Pazos — University of Santiago de Compostela
William Carter — Ryerson University
Jonathan Cartledge — Smith College
M Cherney — University of Michigan
Jasmine Clark — Temple University
Christopher Conroy — University of California Berkeley
MichaelConyers — ArCK
Andrea D’Andrea — University of Naples
Doug Danielles — University of California Los Angeles
Katie DeVet — Texas Tech University
D. Doorly — National Geospatial Agency
Sebastian Encina — University of Michigan
P Finkke — Casper College
Thomas Flynn — Sketchfab
Eulalia Garcia — Museum de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
Zenobie Garrett — University of Oklahoma
Roger Gchago — University of Capetown
M Gibney — Pacifc University
Tassie Gniady — Indiana University
Kristy Golubiewski-Davis — University of California Santa Cruz
Wayne Graham — Council on Library and Information Resources
Jen Grayburn — Temple University
Ethan Gruber — University of Virginia
Nathan Hall — Virginia Tech
Julie Hardesty — Indiana University
CN Heis — University of Kentucky
Josh Hickman — Beloit University
Sarah Huber — Purdue University
Cynthia Hudson Vitale — Penn State University
Chad Hutchens — University of Wyoming
Chuk Ikebude — University of Texas
Eric Johnson — Virginia Commonwealth University
Jenny Johnson — Indian University IUPUI
Jesse Johnson — Library of Congress
Lisa Johnston — University of Minnesota
Peter Knoop — University of Michigan
Kyle Kourtney — Harvard University
Nick Krabberenhoeft — New York Public Library
Janaki Krishna — National History Museum of Utah
Jennifer Laherty — Indiana University
Monique Lasser — University of Arizona
Amanda Lehman — University of Wyoming
Melissa Levine — University of Michigan
Gregg Ligget — Bureau of Land Management
Shu-Wen Lin — New York University
Zack Lischer-Katz — University of Oklahoma
Brandon Locke — University of Washington
Brandon Locke — Michigan State University
Nichole Lohrke — University of Michigan
Sebastiano Lora — German Archaeological Institute
Otto Luna — University of New Hampshire
Olivia MacIsaac — Butler University
Cynthia Mackey — Harvard University
Jessica Maisano — University of Texas
B Marhank — Georgetown
Chris Markman — Worcester Public Library
Brianna Marshall — University of California Riverside
Lauren Massari — University of Virginia
Narcisse Mbunzama — Avonax Group
Marcia McIntosh — University of Texas
Garret McMahon — CUBE
A.L. McMichael — Michigan State University
Bernard Means — Virginia Commonwealth University
Blazej Mikula — Cambridge University
Jess Milhausen — University of Washington
Vera Moitinho de Almeida — Color and Space in Cultural Heritage
Jennifer Moore — Washington University
Jim Moss — University of Michigan
Gary Motz — Indiana University
Kate Murray — Library of Congress
Angel Nieves — San Diego State University
Kieron Niven — University of York
Ben Nyberg — National Tropical Botanical Garden
Terence O’Neill — Michigan State University
Costas Papadopoulos — Maastritch University
Brandon Patterson — University of Michigan
Deborah Paul — Florida State University
T. Perlman — Macalister
Daniel Pett — University of York
Tina Phillips — Texas A&M University
R Pike — University of Maryland
Nicholas Polys — Virginia Tech
Hannah Pope — Appalachian State University
Sarah Potvin — Texas A&M University
M Raaphael — Direct Dimension
Lynn Ramey — Vanderbilt University
Lmejia Ramos — Pasadena City College
Heather Richards Rissetto — University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Caitlin Richeson — University of Delaware
Adam Rountrey — University of Michigan
Wil Rourke — University of Virginia
L Sa — FCT/UNL-Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
Hannah Scates Kettler — Iowa State University
Robert Schlader — Idaho State University
E Scott — American Museum of Natural History
Michael Shallcross — Indiana University
Ed Silverton — Mnemoscene
Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt — George Mason University, Getty Trust
Bill Simpson — Filed Museum
Jay Sloat — Cognition
Jar Smith — Smithsonian
Lisa Snyder — University of California Los Angeles
Rebecca Snyder — Smithsonian
Stu Snydman — Stanford University
James Sobczak — University of Miami
Brian Spatoloa — National Museum for Health and Medicine
Rachel Starry — University of Buffallo
M Suess — Virginia Tech
E. Sullivan — University of California Santa Cruz
Todd Swanson — Getty
Louann Terveer — Macalester
Stéphanie Tessier — Canadian Museum of Nature Fish Collection
Andrea Thormer — University of Michigan
Matthew Turk — University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
John Urban — Getty Institutions
Richard Urban — Corning Museum of Glass
M Vanwlasum — Pirctura
Deborah Verhoff — New York University
Laura Vietti — University of Wyoming
C Walbridge — Artsmia
Kate Webbink — Field Museum
Willeke Wendrich — University of California Los Angeles
Weizhe Weng — Virginia Tech
D Whitmore — University of California Los Angeles
Ralph Wiedemeir — Frame Factory GmbH
C Willfo — Council on Library and Information Resources
Stacie Williams — University of Chicago
Bill Winston — Washington University
Michael Witt — Purdue University
Jamie Wittenberg — Indiana University
Kristi Wyatt — University of Oklahoma
Ewa Zegler-Poleska — Indiana University
Micah Zeller — Washington University