The management group addresses the challenge of managing 3D data for long-term preservation. This is a problem that many repository managers and creators are grappling with as the technologies for creating it become more accessible. It aims to discuss the unique features of 3D data management, how repository managers and creators are currently wrestling with 3D, and what recommendations–based on current data management standards –should be upheld in 3D data preservation.

Active Members

Susan Borda is the Data Workflow Specialist where she specializes in facilitating data reuse, and a Data Curation Network (DCN) curator.

Douglas Martin Boyer is an Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke University and the founder of Morphosource.

Rachel Fernandez is the Senior Digital Data Curator at the Center for Digital Antiquity which runs the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), an international repository for digital archaeological data. She assists in the development, implementation, and management of digital curation projects hosted within tDAR. She also provides workshops and training in data management to archaeologists and cultural resource managers in the US and abroad. Rachel holds a master’s in Classical Archaeology from the University of Colorado Boulder and has conducted fieldwork on several archaeological excavations and surveys throughout the Mediterranean.

Monique Lassere is the Digital Preservation Librarian at the University of Arizona in Tucson where she develops the Libraries’ digital preservation strategy and program, including the development of the web archiving service, policy and procedures, system selection and implementation, archival repository development and administration, and born-digital media workflows. She continues to maintain research interests in the management and storage of 3-D data and how the use of forensic applications and techniques in the cultural heritage sector benefit or disadvantage producers, users, and subjects of archival records.

Marcia McIntosh received her master’s in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information. She is the Digital Production Librarian at the University of North Texas where she assists in the coordinating, management, and hiring necessary to create digital collections.

Jennifer Moore is Head of Data Services at Washington University in St. Louis. She leads a team of experts to address areas of digital data management, curation, analysis, and visualization. She’s been working on 3D capture and preservation since 2014. Moore is a PI on the IMLS grant, Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP), which brings stakeholders together to establish agreement on how to make 3D data long-lasting. She is also a member of the Data Curation Network (DCN) Project Team, which is focused on building a shared data curation model across institutions and a co-PI on the IMLS Specialized Data Curation Workshop grant, which builds on the DCN’s CURATE model to provide training and develop curation resources.

Frank Pierce-McManamon is the Founding Director of the Center for Digital Antiquity (Digital Antiquity), a ASU center in the School for Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC). Digital Antiquity is devoted to improving the access to archaeological data and documents and ensuring their long term preservation and availability for current and future uses.

Albert Rozo is a Digital Preservation Specialist at Penn State University.

Todd P Swanson is the Digital Imaging Manager, Getty Digital, at J. Paul Getty Trust.

Kate Webbink is an Information Systems Specialist in the Technology Department at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. More info about Kate can be found here.