Looking Back on CS3DP 2017-2020

CS3DP has made progress toward improving community involvement in 3D standards over the last three years. This post is a curated list of events, tools, discussions, and presentations describing some of the work.

IMLS Grant Awarded – In 2017, CS3DP was awarded a national forum grant from the Institute of Museum and Library and Services (IMLS). The purpose of the grant was to explore preservation, documentation, and dissemination of 3D data, to build a community of practice, and to create recommendations for a pathway forward.

The OSF Wiki – The project team chose the Open Science Framework as a key collaboration tool. Here working groups posted development, upcoming meetings, and shared materials.

Forums – The CS3DP Forum events brought together experts from a variety of disciplines to discuss needs and solutions in the area of 3D data preservation.  Working groups were established in Forum 1, and those groups presented more on their topic areas at Forum 2.  These working groups will publish their findings in the upcoming CS3DP volume.  Slides and recorded sessions are available at the link.

Related Projects  – During the period that the CS3DP emerged, some complementary efforts set to work as well, such as Lib3DVR and the IIIF 3D Interest group. See a fuller listing at the “Related Projects” link above. 

Born to Be 3D –  In November of 2018, the Library of Congress held an event called “Born to Be 3D: Digital Stewardship of Intrinsic 3D Data”.  Representatives from CS3DP and other related projects discussed the status and future of 3D data preservation.  The linked blog post summarizes the event.  

3D/VR in the Academic Library: Emerging Practices and Trends – Collaborating with other groups and projects, CS3DP organizers pulled co-wrote a chapter on the emerging work happening within the community related to 3D and Virtual Reality within libraries. Read the report here.

World Preservation Day – The Digital Preservation Network endeavored to deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services. To commemorate Digital Preservation Day in 2019, the group curated blog posts from groups working toward improving digital preservation, including CS3DP.

Making a Museum in the Age of 3D Digital Models – While 3D data are increasingly used in museum settings, preservation of the data and ownership/licensing  issues are often overlooked.  The linked blog post discusses ways that 3D data were used in the creation of a new exhibit space at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, and it highlights the need to document and preserve associated data.